Ask AP: Gary Grimes

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on March 3, 2011

What became of Gary Grimes, the young man of the 1971 film Summer of  ’42 who later appeared in Westerns with John Wayne and Lee Marvin?
—Tony Reznak Jr., Nanticoke, Pa.

Grimes retired from show business in the 1970s and prefers living these days well out of the spotlight. The clean-cut teen actor made his movie debut as Hermie in Summer of  ’42 opposite Jennifer O’Neill and later co-starred with Wayne in Cahill U.S. Marshal. “I got to the point where the work wasn’t up to the quality that I wanted,” says Grimes, 55, who lives in Los Angeles and is employed by a charitable organization he prefers not to disclose. “I was offered a TV series back then but turned it down. I’m very happy in my decision.”

  • terry castleman

    just watch “summer of 42” a once in a life time roll … and just walk away good for you

  • rs1123

    I really liked his performances in Culpepper Cattle Company and Spikes Gang. Rumor has it that he wasn’t easy to work with. Doesn’t affect that I enjoyed the roles he played.

  • Dan Diego

    I worked ith Gary in LA in the mid 90’s. Still a very nice guy. Genuine.

  • psakref

    I always enjoyed his films. Especially “The Spikes Gang”. I hope he’s happy and healthy.

  • Mattes Cog

    Summer of ’42 is one of my all time favorite movies. I first saw it in my teens. I’m 58 yrs. old now. And to this day I think it’s a hauntingly beautiful movie. I’ve seen it about 4 or 5 times. And every so many yrs. I’ll run across it again…and watch it again. Hope Gary is happy and healthy. Thanks for the interview.

  • Neo

    Weird to see guys like him grown up now. But when I see his picture as a kid I remember watching him and thinking he was a good actor back then.