‘Hee Haw’ Actress Cathy Baker

Celebrity Q&A
on April 28, 2012


What’s happened to Cathy Baker from Hee Haw?
—Zeb Conner, Mooresboro, N.C.
Baker, 65, lives in Orange, Va., and handles title insurance transactions in her husband’s law office. “It’s nice that I work for my husband so that I can take vacations when I want,” says the native of Edinberg, Texas, who makes frequent road trips back home and to Tennessee, where Hee Haw was produced, to visit family and friends. “I’m an addict of HGTV and DIY,” says the mother of two adult sons, one a gunsmith and the other in law school. “I love to paint and am getting into stained glass. I will tackle any project.” 
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  • David Michael Hugaert

    I LOVE “Hee Haw” (even though I’m not a huge country music fan)!!! It’s nice to hear this show still has a huge following, even after 48 years since it first aired. I still watch the reruns on RFD TV!!! “Hee Haw” will never go away…thankfully!!! 🙂

    R.I.P., Buck Owens, Junior Samples, Kenny Price, Archie Campbell, Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl, Grandpa Jones & Gordie Tapp. :'(

    • Rob

      Funny thing, my grandparents would watch Hee Haw all the time and I never much liked the show, but now as I look back, I can appreciate the humor, it is a great part of history.

      • jockellis

        Same for me and Lawrence Welk. It was on at the same time as Victory At Sea in the ’50s but my grandfather never let me watch the war program. Needless to say, I didn’t like spending Saturday nights with them.