Is Clint Walker Still Alive?

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on November 24, 2002

Is actor Clint Walker still living? If so, how old is he, and what is he doing now? He was in the old Western series Cheyenne and one of my favorite movies, The Night of the Grizzly.
—Betty B., Alabama

The 75-year-old Walker is alive and very well, thanks to his interest in a healthy lifestyle. He and wife Susan live in Grass Valley, Calif., and both are well-schooled in the ways of herbal medicine, vitamins, and nutrition. A native of Hartford, Ill., Walker worked as a merchant marine sailor, a sheet metal worker, carpenter, deputy sheriff, and oil prospector before breaking into the movies. His good looks and muscular build soon landed him leading man roles in both television and film. He remains active and creative and is currently working with Western author Kirby Jonas on how to adapt an idea of his into a book called Yaqui Gold.

  • Donald McClure

    Thanks Clint for be western cowboy

  • Mike Wright

    i still like your TV show and all the movies you have been in still watch night of the grizzly a favourite, thanks for the great westerns

  • Debbie888Jah

    I watch the Cheyenne Show just about everyday. I also enjoy all of the movies that Clint Walker has starred in. He sure was a HOTTIE in his time.

  • Monica Parham


  • KlingonOffTheStarboardBow

    Great memories of childhood. So glad he has had a long and happy life. Thankyou and God bless you and family.

  • Shirley Montano

    I love Watching Clint Walker in Cheyenne. Watched him as a kid now I can still watch him as an older woman. Boy was he HOT and so handsome…

  • Carol Bidwell Walkey

    as a newspaper reporter, i interviewed clint once at his home in agoura hills. i’m 5 feet tall, and when he ushered me out of my car, i nearly fell over backwards looking up at his face. what a handsome man, everything you saw on tv. plus very mannerly and gentle and well-spoken, a true gentleman. glad to he’s still doing well. and amazed to find he’s less than 5 years older than i am.

  • Janice Donofrio Lockhart

    Clint Walker is still alive (thank goodness) and turned 90 on May 30, 2017.

  • Dragonslayer 129

    A true patriot

  • Texasluva

    Was just watching the Dirty Dozen and Donald Sutherland, Jim Brown and Clint Walker are still living. He had that TV series called Cheyenne from 1955-62 108 episodes. They are still on TV today. He also played in the Ten Commandants as Captain Of The Guard. Small part but never the less a awesome movie. I think he did a voice in 1998 and 1995 was his last TV series/movie. He is in such great shape he might live to be 100. Born 1927.