‘Puppyhood’ Book Review

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December 1, 2012

Life-size puppy portraits will delight dog lovers


By J. Nichole Smith
Hardcover ($29.95 / Pub. by Stewart, Tabori & Chang)

What’s cuter than a puppy? Not much, especially for dog lovers, who’ll be completely smitten by this collection of 100 life-size—that’s right, actually life-size—photos of 25 puppies in all their glorious, moist-noised, pink-bellied, tender-footed puppyhood. There’s info—names, stats and other insights—about each one. But it’s the photos that will keep you cooing. “Puppyhood” makes a perfect gift for any fido aficionado. But if you’ve ever had your heart turned to pulp by a pooch, you should go ahead and give yourself a bone: Pick up an extra copy for yourself.


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