Get Crafty: From Bucket to Art Caddy

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on February 17, 2016

Time to organize your craft corner! This simple caddy will help corral stray markers, pencils and crayons.


Turn Buckets Into a Handy Art Supply Caddy!

Lauren Putnam


What You Need:

5 metal buckets: 1 extra large (8-inch diameter x 4 1/2-inch tall) A; 1 medium (6-inch diameter x 4-inch tall) B; 1 small (4 x 4-inch) C; 1 extra small (2 x 2-inch) D; 1 medium tall (4-inch diameter x 6-inch tall) E

Heavy-duty craft glue appropriate for metal (like E6000 Permanent Craft Adhesive)


Turn Buckets Into a Handy Art Supply Caddy!

Lauren Putnam


How To:

  1. Glue the small bucket C upside down and centered inside the extra large bucket A.
  2. Then glue the medium bucket B to the top of the upside-down bucket, creating a second tier. Glue the extra-small bucket D upside down, inside and centered on the medium bucket.
  1. Glue the medium tall bucket E centered on top of the upside down bucket on the second tier. Follow the glue instructions for drying times.


Adapted with permission from Laura Putnam’s DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts: 35 Creative Upcycling Ideas for Galvanized Metal (F+W Media Inc., 2015).

  • Susan

    Love this idea. Can’t wait to make my own.