These Gardening Gifts Under $50 Deserve a Green Thumbs Up

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on November 2, 2015
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Searching for the perfect gift for the happy horticulturist in your life? Sow some love this holiday season with gardening gifts they’ll adore. Whether they’re a casual herbaceous hobbyist or a garden guru, we’ve got something to make their favorite pastime a little easier so they can reap double the rewards when warm weather returns.

Folding Tote, Stool and Tool Set ($39)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

This sturdy, steel-framed stool accompanies a handy set of gardening tools complete with convenient storage tote. Outfit your favorite gardener with everything they need to get started, and give the gift of convenience with this all-inclusive set! Buy now on Amazon.


Felco F-8 Classic Pruner ($48)

Gardening Gifts They'll Love

A tough pruner is a dream for day-to-day gardening—this ergonomic design reduces strain on the hands and the carbon steel blades can handle any job. Complete with fine blade adjustment feature, it’s a must-have for any serious gardener! Buy now on Amazon.


Red Lion Amaryllis Growing Kit ($20)

Gardening Gifts They'll Love

A fantastic buy for seasoned and fledgling planters alike, this set includes a pot, large amaryllis bulb and growing medium. The no-fail kit continues to give as it grows and blooms vibrantly for the recipient to enjoy over and over. Buy now on Amazon.


Hummzinger Ultra Hummingbird Feeder ($19)


Gardening Gifts They'll Love

This drip- and leak-proof feeder holds 12 ounces of nectar and provides four feeding ports to keep hummingbirds coming back for more. It’s super simple to fill and clean, so you can give the gift of nature’s beauty with no hassle. Buy now on Amazon.


2-in-1 Solar Powered Landscape Lighting ($36)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

Help them show off the garden even after sundown! This set of 2 solar-powered landscape lights can be staked in the ground or mounted to a wall to illuminate your gardener’s living masterpiece. With an 8–14 hour illumination time when fully charged, the whole neighborhood can behold the recipient’s planting prowess for hours on end. Buy now on Amazon.


Chef’n PalmMincer ($15)

Gardening Gifts They'll Love

Put those fresh herbs to good use with this helpful tool. The mincer fits comfortably into the palm for quick chopping and slicing, and the sharp blades ensure leaves aren’t crushed or bruised for a perfectly flavorful product straight from the garden. Buy now on Amazon.


Pack of 20 Mini Succulents ($19)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

This gift is for the serious succulent sage—the carefully curated collection of succulents in individual 2-inch pots contains 20 unique plants. These would be a perfect buy to divide among a family of plant-lovers, or even arranged into an elegant container garden for a truly unique DIY gift. Buy now on Amazon.


Uproot Weed and Root Remover ($30)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

Make it easier to remove invasive weeds without added strain on the back or wasting time and money on herbicides. The serrated claws on this handy tool easily grab and uproot pesky growth—it’s also strong enough to penetrate tough soils. Buy now on Amazon.


Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stake Set ($17)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

What better way to recycle those wine bottles than by transforming them into a helpful tool that keeps plants in tip-top shape? This set of four stakes pairs with any long-necked bottle to provide a steady flow of water for your favorite container plant. Buy now on Amazon.


Brieftons NextGen Spiralizer ($22)

Gardening Gifts They'll Love

Veggie growers—meet your new best friend. This spiralizer transforms fresh produce into delicious, versatile noodles and julienne spirals while its innovative design utilizes the greatest portion possible of the vegetable to prevent waste. Complete with 4 removable blades, a cleaning brush and recipes, this kit is a true value for any herbivore. Buy now on Amazon.


Turtle Cast Iron Key Hider Stone ($9)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

This decorative cast-iron turtle sculpture is the picture of style and funtionality—it contains a secret storage space to hide a spare key! It makes a charming universal gift idea that will also keep their home safe from would-be intruders prone to searching under the doormat. Buy now on Amazon.


Goatskin Gardening Gloves ($13)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

Protect hands from scrapes and scratches with these tough gloves. Made from goatskin leather, they’re ultra durable and resistant to tears, making them ideal for rose pruning. Buy now on Amazon.


The Drunken Botanist ($12)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

In The Drunken Botanist, Amy Stewart explores the ways humans have transformed plants into alcoholic drinks for centuries, spanning myriad cultures and incorporating recipes to try one’s own green thumb at the art of mixology. This fascinating look at botany and drinking traditions is an excellent gift for the gardener who appreciates a good cocktail. Buy now on Amazon.


Window Bird Feeder House ($37)


Gardening Gifts They'll Love

This beautiful feeder brings nature right to your window! Its sliding feed tray makes cleaning and refilling a snap, and the industrial strength suction cups ensure that this sturdy investment will keep birds flocking to its offerings for years to come. Buy now on Amazon.


Mini Greenhouse ($40)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

An easy-to-assemble mini greenhouse is just the thing every balcony gardener or other small-space planter could want. It’s perfect for starting seedlings and protecting young plants without sacrificing precious square footage, and it easily zips open and closed for quick access. Buy now on Amazon.


Stackable Planter ($30)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

Another innovative space-saver, this tiered planter lends itself to maximizing growth in a limited area. Perfect for a small herb garden, the self-watering planter can hold twelve or more plants and stands alone or may hang. When not in use, it collapses for easy storage until they’re ready to get their seedlings started again. Buy now on Amazon.


Hummingbird, Butterfly & Dragonfly Light Stakes ($20)

The Gardener's Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of a moonlit garden studded with the soft glow of colorful lights? Offer up the gift of enchantment with these illuminated hummingbird, butterfly and dragonfly stakes, and watch the recipient’s eyes light up at the promise of beautifying their night garden. Buy now on Amazon.

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