Katie Cazorla from ‘Nail Files’

Celebrity Q&A
July 30, 2011

Is the TV Guide Network star actually licensed to do nails?


Is Katie Cazorla from the TV Guide Network show Nail Files actually licensed to do nails, or does she just own that crazy shop?
—Joyce Allen, Lancaster, Pa.

Cazorla, 33, is a licensed manicurist. But as the owner of The Painted Nail, she doesn’t want to spend her time actually doing mani-pedis. Rather, she spends her days thinking of ways to expand her business by creating her own line of polish and planning a new salon for males in West Hollywood, Calif. “Sometimes I find myself doing new products on the girls and, then, they can show the clients that come in,” she says. “I really love to be hands-on with that.” Cazorla auditions her licensed nail technicians by having them give her a manicure.


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