Entertainer Marie Osmond

Celebrity Q&A
January 31, 2013

Singer now hosts talk show


I was sorry that Marie Osmond didn’t compete in the all-star “Dancing With the Stars.” Can you give me an update on what she is doing?
—Dallas Birdsong, Tempe, Ariz.

Marie, 53, and brother Donny, 55, continue performing their Las Vegas variety show at the Flamingo Hotel, a gig that began in 2008. In October, she launched her self-titled daily talk show on the Hallmark Channel, on which she and her guests discuss real-life experiences such as marriage, divorce and raising children. “I want ‘Marie’ to be the kind of show where [women] complete each other, not compete against each other,” says the Ogden, Utah-born entertainer, who grew up with eight brothers.


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