Quick Breads for Breakfast

Featured Article, Food, Recipes
on February 25, 2013
Teresa Blackburn

Sweet or savory, quick breads are a busy cook’s best friend. Made by dumping a few ingredients in a bowl, giving them a stir, and scraping the batter into a loaf pan or muffin tins (or quickly rolling and cutting with a biscuit cutter), quick breads are simplicity defined. Their only complexity arises with their numerous variations and forms.

Here are quick bread recipes from readers of American Profile and contributing writers for Relish, our sister food magazine. Whip one together for breakfast, slice while still slightly warm, and slather with butter or your favorite spread. If you have leftovers, slice, toast lightly, and serve with a pat of butter the next day, along with a pat on your back for how clever you were to make extra.