ESPN Host Roy Firestone

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April 30, 2006

Sports commentator also performs one-man show


My husband and I are having a big dispute about a great sports interviewer, journalist, commentator and stage performer, Roy Firestone. I say he is Caucasian and my husband thinks he's African-American. Please help settle this dispute.
—J. and J. Donaldson, Auburn, Ind.

The multi-talented Firestone, 50, is Caucasian and of Jewish ethnicity, and is commonly asked about his background. "People think I'm Hispanic or black, but I'm not. I've always gotten that," he says. When he's not in front of the TV cameras hosting ESPN's Up Close Prime Time or HDNet's Face 2 Face With Roy Firestone, he's on the road up to 70 times a year performing his one-man show of impressions, humor and music, which he began in the mid-1980s. Firestone is single and lives in the Los Angeles area.



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