Are The Rascals Getting Back Together?

Celebrity Q&A
on November 16, 2012
Is it true that my favorite group from the ’60s, The Rascals, is getting back together?
Helen Wright, Topeka, Kan.
Due to much prodding and the direction of rock ’n’ roller Steven Van Zandt, the original Rascals (Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati, Dino Danelli and Gene Cornish) will come together Dec. 13-15 at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, N.Y. “This show will be a combination of a live performance with the band, a video performance and a script that Steven wrote, which is pretty much a synopsis of the Rascals’ career,” Cavaliere says. The Rascals’ hits include “Good Lovin’,” “Groovin’“ and “People Got To Be Free.”
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