Typing Through Time

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January 4, 2014

From the 1700s to the 1980s, typing machines have come a long way.

Faye Murman

Although writing machines were invented in the early 1700s, the first practical typewriter was patented in 1868.

Working in a machine shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Christopher Latham Sholes and his colleagues perfected the typewriter and arranged the lettered keys as they are today.

In 1874, E. Remington & Sons, a firearms and sewing machine manufacturer in Ilion, New York, began producing Sholes & Glidden typewriters.

In the 1980s, computers with memories and editing capabilities began to replace the typewriter.


Last of the Mohicans: Typewriter Repairman

New York mechanic repairs and services dozens of old-fashioned typewriters each month.


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