The Weather Channel’s Vivian Brown

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on April 10, 2005

What can you tell me about The Weather Channel's meteorologist Vivian Brown?
—Alex T., Mississippi

Even as a little girl in Greenville, Miss. (pop. 41,633), Vivian Brown was interested in weather and spent her high school summers attending programs that offered internships in meteorology. Armed with a bachelor's degree in meteorology from Jackson State University, she joined The Weather Channel in 1986. "The most satisfying thing about my job is knowing that I am able to provide very important information to people, so they can protect themselves, their loved ones and their property from the dangers of violent weather," says Brown, a married mother of three. She recently opened a store in Atlanta, where she lives, called The Warm Front, which sells maternity clothes designed for working women.


  • Bonnie Schoonmaker

    Vivian Brown God has a mission for you. Let the tears flow about leaving TWC. I cried too. But in His wisdom and clear sight, He knows the next part of your life will be filled with so much more. TWC’s loss is our gain. You are amazing and so many people love you. I wish you so much good. I cannot say how much I will miss your face and calming voice. I know TWC made a huge mistake.