Who are Two Guys in the Car in the Sonic Commercials?

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on April 21, 2013
T.J. Jagodowski, left, and Peter Grosz, right

Who are the two guys in the car in the Sonic commercials?
John Daniel, Albuquerque, N.M.

Improv comedians T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz have played the two quirky Sonic guys since 2002. New Yorker Grosz, 39, has appeared on TV’s “The Weather Man,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Veep.” He received two Emmy Awards for his writing on “The Colbert Report” and frequently may be heard on NPR’s “Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me!” Jagodowski, 41, a native of Holyoke, Mass., has been an improvising on stage in Chicago for more than 15 years with the groups Second City, Improv Olympic and Annoyance. His movie credits include “Oz the Great and Powerful,” “Prison Break,” “The Ice Harvest” and “Stranger Than Fiction.”

  • Debbie Rhodes

    I can’t stand them. They totally annoy me. Wish Sonic would can them.

    • Cynthia Lindley

      I love them…they make me smile!!!!! Goofy as they are…hilarious!

      • James Jones

        Obviously you’re easily amused. They’re about as funny as a migraine.

      • dez

        Obviously you’re a humorless dipshit. Probably a Trump supporter.

      • MrMurph

        Obviously you’re a sad little fella lacking a sense of humor.
        You give me a migraine.

    • ann

      I agree Debbie. TJ is an idiot. They’ve overstayed their welcome and time to move on. Same goes for Flo. I will change the channel when she comes on.

      • Phoenix

        I think the Sonic subhumans got Flo a raise.Compared to them she’s funny,charming & a rocket scientist intelligence wise.

      • Ashley Cook

        Haha, I’d love to know now a year later what you think of Flo, she’s outworn her welcome. The commercials they keep putting her in seem to get louder and weirder, to the point I mute the tv. I was just thinking that the Sonic guys at least are tolerable and can be funny at times,

      • Jim Doire

        Flo is hot.

      • Clamb

        I think they should make a Carls Jr. commercial with Flo eating a big-greazy burger in a small tight leather bikini and washing a car.

    • Balzafiar

      I’ve never been to a Sonic and because of this commercial I wouldn’t consider doing so. Those two guys and their supposed comedy are the most obnoxious people I can think of. I always hit the mute button when they come on because they make me want to stick icepicks in my ears.

      • Clamb

        Bill and hillary are the most obnoxious people I can think of.

      • Pennsylvanianne

        The food is terrible. Looks good in commercials but tastes abominable.

      • Jim Doire

        Must be your local Sonic. The few I’ve stopped at over the years in Texas are pretty good. Nothing to write home about but way better than most fast food burgers.

      • Rick Shrum

        First World Agony.

      • MrMurph

        Then please do.

      • Diana Lauer-Baca

        The dumb one creeps me out!

  • Howard Picard

    About these two clowns on Sonics commercial: “You can’t fix Stupid” Idiots

  • Edward Kohout

    The guys are cute. At lease Sonic keeps making new ads so we don’t have to keep seeing the same thing over and over.

  • sharon


    • Steve Kiss

      Too old to be cute? WOW! Glad to see Ageism is alive and well.

    • Keith

      Lmao…. guess what: “Old” is coming to a face near you “sooner than later” … the decades fly my dear 🙂

    • RVABREAD22

      It doesn’t matter because they are men. Men don’t have to look good like women. Women age a lot worse.

      • MrMurph

        Sharon certainly has.

    • Haiku Guy

      No one cares and take off your CAPS you screening biotch

    • MrMurph


  • jrgatl

    They are very annoying, but, they are funny at the same time. Obviously, Sonic has done well with them, so they aren’t going anywhere!!!

    • I don’t find them annoying, but i agree with the rest of your comment…but then, my kids were ADHD with behavioural disorders, so maybe my tolerance for annoyance is higher than someone else’s….lol.

  • LaDosMuchos:)

    Love them!! They make the funniest commercials! !

    • Sparta Cus

      Doesn’t take much to entertain you huh?

      • MrMurph

        Doesn’t take much to be an a**hole, huh?

  • Gina

    I love Sonic but I really really dislike their commercials – these two are total idiots!

    • muthalicka

      They are funny to me. Come on what about the one with TJ as a judge for the new chicken sandwich? Lol so good.

  • Lee simms

    Neither one is wearing a ring. Are they a same sex couple?

    • muthalicka

      I don’t know but why is this a question?

      • cydcharisse

        Because. Why not?

      • Phoenix

        A guy who licks his mother is offended by a Gay couple??????

      • muthalicka

        The name is a joke. And I never said I was offended by a gay couple. Why would you say that? Odd.

      • Just because he licks a mutha doesn’t mean the mutha in question is HIS…

    • CM Kar

      No, they show the wife of the dark haired guy on their ice cream social commercial from a few years ago.

  • bulldogmom

    I ADORE both these guys. Particularly Jagodowski. Would marry either one. The writing and direction on these commercials are great!!!!

    • Phoenix

      How dumb are you to marry a stupid loser who has no car?????

      • bulldogmom

        I have a car and he has sex appeal. At least to me.

      • Jj Jj


      • Bigislandgrrl

        They’re both cute & filthy rich. Why not?

      • formula112967 .

        Feminism 101: women never chase money.
        Real World 101: feminism is a lie

      • He just plays a “stupid loser” on the commercials. I’m sure in real life, he’s got more cars and a MUCH higher IQ than what he portrays in their commercials. Don’t forget, these guys are playing a PART…this isn’t what they’re REALLY like.

      • Tracye

        How dumb is anyone to think you need to marry anybody at all?

      • Sparta Cus

        Well someone to share life with…raise a family…grow old with, wipe your butt when you can’t, change your underwear for you, care for you when you are sick or dying…you have friends who will do that for you…every bit of it?

      • Tracye

        … and you are required to be married to do all that? No thank you.

      • Kat C

        I love the Sonic guys. They are always entertaining. Y’all are bitter if you can’t laugh at them.

      • MrMurph

        No male in his right mind would ask you, Tracye (stupid spelling, BTW),

      • MrMurph

        How dumb are you to think these “characters” are real?

      • kaimuki808

        I’m sure he has a higher IQ and much higher income than you.

  • Mara Pemberton

    These guys are getting redundant and stupid. It’s time for a whole new commercial campaign ads.

    • Sandra Fogle

      Amen to that!

  • pgoamedia


    *Alissa Harb*Digital Content Manager
    Fexy Media, Inc. | Nashville, TN

    *Fexy.com *

  • pgoamedia


    *Alissa Harb*Digital Content Manager
    Fexy Media, Inc. | Nashville, TN

    *Fexy.com *

  • Good clean comedy- a rare commodity! And they get the product mentions in as well.

    • Phoenix

      I missed them doing anything remotely funny.Which commercial was that????

      • MrMurph

        You aren’t bright enough to pay attention.

  • Butch Peelman

    The guy on the left looks like a rookie in police academy

    • Phoenix

      Yeah,the queef who owns the car that Hightower steals.The loser always kissing Kyle’s BUSHhole while Kyle was kissing Cpt.Harris.

  • Scott Myers

    They act like knuckleheads, but they are so hilarious…even with Kevin Durant making an appearance or two in them as well.

    • James Jones

      They’re hilarious? Now THAT’S hilarious.

      • MrMurph

        You have just enough intelligence to post a stupid comment? THAT is hilarious!

  • Zalim Sevki

    I’m tired these two guys commercial Sonic.,that is it.I hated these two guys commercial Sonic because I don’t like to go Sonic.So so Stinker..

  • Bob

    I agree, they’ve worn out their welcome. No way do these commercials make me want to visit Sonic.

    • evchrny

      i’m sure Sonic is crushed.

  • LibsAreWrong

    Are they playing a couple? As in a couple of …..

  • sherri

    I think maybe sonic wants to draw the homosexual crowd. The new commercial where they are wearing leggings is awful. I guess maybe they want to have a place for same sex couples to hang out. Look at the world. This is the new stand up for thing to come along. Go where you want. Do what you want. Don’t follow something just to act like you fit in. Men wanna get their back 40 plowed go ahead. Women you man enough to take care of your woman go ahead. I guess it is better to have an excuse for yourself and fit in go ahead. Just know when you get saved God will forgive you your sins just like he did for me. Not judging your choice is your own. God made us who we are if you are in doubt…. Look down you will see you are either male or female. Remember women we don’t have any dangly bits and we sit when we pee.

  • chilidog

    They are one of the few commercials I truly cannot tolerate.
    The Geico Lizard, and, the overworked Flo in white on Progressive… plus that God-horrible screamer playing a guitar on Dish tv… are from the pits of hell to watch.
    I instantly hit the change the channel or mute button.
    But in general, any commercial nowadays is as welcome as cow dung in a birthday cake. They are strangling television to death, destroying programs, and making people sick with their continuous, repetitive nightmare insanity.

  • Old Nuke

    The Hardee / Carl’s Jr commercials are much better and I don’t care who the actresses are

  • Kaaren V. Kimball

    Why does one of the men in the commercial have to be so stupid? I do not like your commercials

    • MrMurph

      For the same reason you have to be so stupid, I guess.

  • Sandra Fogle

    I refuse to go to Sonic as long as these guys are advertised. Think of the image people bring up to the name Sonic. Just show the food and be done with it.

    • Haiku Guy

      You aren’t educated at all… you may have spent the money but you remain dumb

  • Jeffrey Wiesemann-Irizarry

    I LOVE THE IDIOTS SAYING THESE TWO ARE LOSERS!! They have held down the same job for 14 years and probably get paid A LOT of money. I don’t think their commercials are stupid or boring,

  • MJD

    I have been to Sonic one time, thought the price for what I ordered was too high, but these guys keet me laughing for years. They are quick, inventive, hilarious. Keep ’em coming.

  • Vince Travis

    They have to be, two of the most annoying people ever, they are the reason I refuse to eat at Sonic, the one time I did, the the burger bun fell apart, the meat was dry, and the french fries cold never again

  • Rose M. Cleveland

    Cannot stand either one of those morons and Sonics must think we are all a bunch of idiots. I am glad we don’t have a Sonics anywhere near where I live

  • Nick Mishler

    Absolutely stupid commercials. They should be embarrassed to advertise like this…. Sonic is the bottom of the barrel for fast food but these guys actually make it worse.

  • MKP20000

    Ran across this pair while watching Stranger Than Fiction. They were both in the movie, as IRS co-worker #4 and #5. Guess they always take their lunch at Sonic!

  • Ann Rundall

    If it wasn’t for the dumb guy the commercials would be tolerable. But I CAN’T STAND the dumb guy, because he plays just too stupid.

  • dez

    Must be a bunch of Trump supporters who hate these guys.

  • Tony Lordi

    A few years ago I was shopping over @ ALDI’S when I decided to stop next door
    @ Sonic to get a Diet coke. I got stopped by someone who told me they were
    filming a commerical. He handed me (3) coupons for a hamburger, fries & drink.
    The guy was TJ not realizing it after I left & went home. He may be goofy @ times
    but he made my day. Thank you TJ your not so bad after all.

  • Ralph Meza

    These two annoying assholes have got to go as far as making commercials.