In Print — Nov. 18-24


Good Dogs

Dog owners share stories of how their four-legged friends have eased loneliness, disabilities and more

America’s Longest-Running Christmas Parade

In Peoria, Ill., the Santa Claus Parade proclaims start of Christmas season

Mark Twain: The Father of American Literature

A century after his death, the American humorist has more to say

How to Display your Children’s Artwork

Mother of three shares five simple DIY tips to showcase kids’ creative projects

Celebrity Q&A

What was TV comedian Red Skelton’s real name? Did he make nay movies?

What can you tell me about the British sitcom “Last of the Summer Wine?”

What can you tell me about Candy Crowley, who moderated the second presidential debate?

What’s next for Marilu Henner? I miss seeing her on TV.


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