Politics Top 10: The Most Socially Shared Super Tuesday Takeaways

By Megan T. Brown on March 2, 2016

Wondering what drama Super Tuesday voting brought to America’s ever-changing political landscape? Take a look at what might unfold as November draws nearer—we’ve got the most socially shared articles on the 2016 primaries and caucuses to get you up to speed.


Sanders Wins Vermont, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Colorado, Virtually Tying Clinton in Massachusetts

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Sanders' 86-percent victory over Clinton in Vermont is remarkable, as is his securing five states this election season.

Win McNamee/Getty Images via Huffington Post


Why Bernie Sanders Won Super Tuesday

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Is Sanders gaining ground because Clinton isn't receiving new voters?

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin via Huffington Post


Super Tuesday: Bill Clinton Caught on Video Violating Election Law

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Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin said former President Bill Clinton was violating state law by soliciting votes within 150 feet of a polling location.



The many pained expressions of Chris Christie standing behind Donald Trump

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Trump supporter Chris Christie spent The Donald's victory speech in Florida looking less than excited to be present.

@NumbersMuncher via Twitter


Hillary Clinton’s Got This

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Clinton's supporters say her victories throughout the South have paved a clear path to the Democratic nomination.

Gerald Herbert/AP via FiveThirtyEight


‘Move to Canada’ searches spike during Super Tuesday primaries

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As of Tuesday, an increasing number of Americans have taken an interest in venturing to the friendly north.

Google via The Boston Globe


Latino Vote Helps Bernie Sanders Surge to Victory in Colorado in Massive Democratic Caucus Turnout

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Colorado's growing Latino population helped bolster the Democratic candidate's votes in the state's caucus.



Trump, Clinton rack up Super Tuesday wins; Cruz keeps foothold

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Cruz's victories in Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska have given the Republican more than enough reason to press on.

Fox News


Trump Threatens Paul Ryan, Says Speaker Will Pay ‘Big Price’ if He Gets in His Way

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The Republican front-runner issued a word of warning to the House Speaker in response to media inquiries at his Florida press conference.

John Moore/Getty Images via The Blaze


After Trump’s Super Tuesday romp, GOP establishment seeks unity to slow surge

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Republicans are set to release an unflattering television advertisement in a concentrated effort to discredit Trump after his Super Tuesday victories.

The Washington Post