18 Creative Ways to Say Happy Valentine’s Day

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on February 5, 2015
Everday i like you Smore
Kristen Duke

Just the novelty of a new year begins to fade, and before we know it, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Dinner reservations are difficult to come by; flower shops up their prices, and stress levels spike briefly as we search for ways to make Valentine’s Day special for our loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a clever card, a unique craft or a sweet recipe, we’ve got you covered with these 18 super-creative ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day.


They’ve Got Muffin on You

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com

Itsy Bitsy Foodies

What better way to say I love you than with freshly-baked treats first thing in the morning? The hues featured in these white chocolate-raspberry muffins will match your Valentine’s Day décor, plus there’s a pun just waiting to be paired with this treat. (They’ve got muffin on you!) Find the Recipe here at Itsy Bitsy Foodies.


I Love You a Hole Punch

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com

The Dating Divas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive! All you need for this easy but darling idea is a blank card and a hole puncher. Or you can use these printouts from The Dating Divas (complete with punch cards) in order to recreate this message.


You’re Just My Type

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com

The Paper Circus

Valentine’s Day is ripe with opportunity for great puns—and they continue with this card. Perfect for those in your life with a penchant for writing, this card will be a sweet reminder that you love them and are attentive to the things that they love.


Love Bug Valentines

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com

Dandee Design

Can we all agree that anything featuring a mason jar is pretty cute? Even creepy little bugs are adorable in these Love Bug Valentines from Dandee Designs. These are ideal for little tykes to give to their friends. The mason jar part may not last, but the plastic bugs are sure to worth days of fun.


Mad Lib Valentines

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com

Design Mom

These Mad Lib Valentines are a fun and creative way to involve a humorous pastime and keep Valentine’s Day light. For instructions on how to pull off this DIY, check out Design Moms.


Red Heart Whoopie Pies

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com

Annie’s Eats

Don’t let these beautiful treats fool you—they are quite easy to make. This super simple recipe from Annie’s Eats is perfect to bring to a gathering of loved ones.


Message in a Heart

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Say Yes

This craft is the ideal way to deliver a sweet message to a loved one. Place a heartfelt message in each heart (we told you: the puns don’t stop) and as a bonus, they’ll double as decor until they’re ready to be opened! Visit Say Yes for step-by-step instructions.


Fruity Valentines

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Alpha Mom

No need for heart-shaped-everything to show you care! This pun-packed (and vitamin-packed) “I love you” is ideal for anyone in your life who is still going strong on their New Year’s resolution.


Fortune Cookie Valentines

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com

Martha Stewart

Don’t leave love up to fate with this Valentine’s Day craft. Rather than filling Fortune Cookies with words for the future, remind your loved ones why you love them in the present. Throw some kisses in there as well for a sweet surprise. Find the tutorial from Martha Stewart here.


Thumb Body Loves You

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Tried and True Blog

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a free holiday printable—especially one that offers up sweet candies to boot! Find and print at Tried and True.


Pucker Up Valentine

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Shaken Together

Been thinking about kissing someone for a while now? Let them know with this fun and lighthearted Valentine’s Day craft, an inexpensive and creative gift for V-Day. Find the DIY at Shaken Together.


Heart Cut-Out Cupcakes

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Gloria’s Treats

These festive cupcakes are a show-stealing way to demonstrate how much you care (and to show off your baking prowess). Find the surprisingly easy how-to at Glorious Treats, and get your apron on!


You Rule

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Real Simple

Flowery language does not equal a successful love life. This card is straight to the point and great for the no-nonsense loves of your life.


You Bring Me Out of My Shell

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com


This card is a cute way to tell someone how comfortable you are when he or she is around (especially if you’re typically a shy type).


I Love You S’more Everyday

18 Creative Valentines | AmericanProfile.com

Kristen Duke

Bring on the cheesiness, (and the marshmallows!) with this sweet-in-more-than-one-way message for the ones you care about. Visit Capturing Joy for the printout.


I Love You More Than…

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This is the yummiest way to write out just how much you love someone—in as many ways as you’d like. Together you can eat through your list of all the things that aren’t as important as the one you’re with.


Red Velvet Cheesecake Bites

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The Novice Chef

Cheesecake is not the easiest treat to make, but this Valentine’s Day version is almost too simple to be true. This easy and adorable recipe from The Novice Chef will be the perfect way to express care and eat well this Valentine’s Day.


Your Biggest Fan

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What better way to tell some one you’re crazy about them than with this cute fan-themed Valentine? Check out the tutorial from HGTV here.