The 10 Best Leaked Super Bowl Commercials … So Far

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on January 29, 2014

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl XLVII, many brands are leaking their commercials and spending millions on teasers that encourage viewers to watch the full-length ad during the big game.

And at upwards of $4 million for a 30-second ad during the 2014 Super Bowl, it’s no surprise that brands want to get people talking about their ads.

From Oikos’ “Full House” reunion to a promo of Bud Light’s #whateverhappens spot starring Arnold Schwarzenegger to Scarlett Johansson’s banned SodaStream ad, we’ve picked our 10 favorite commercials among those released so far. Here are our favorites:

For the eighth year, the tortilla chipmaker invited users to compete to “Crash the Super Bowl” with user-generated commercials. In addition to having their ads run during the Super Bowl, winners receive $1 million and a job on Marvel’s “Avengers: Age Of Ultron.” Here are five of our favorite contenders:

Oikos — ‘Full House’ Reunion
The men of “Full House” are reuniting for the first time on the screen in nearly two decades. The suggestive Oikos greek yogurt ad assumes John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier still live together after all these years.

Stephen Colbert — Wonderful Pistachios
In case you were unaware, the Super Bowl is not about football or multi-million-dollar ads. It’s about Stephen Colbert, or at least that’s what he wants you to believe in this promo:

H&M — David Beckham
Soccer star David Beckham is back in 2014 and wearing nothing but his H&M underwear in his second round of Super Bowl ads. In a Super Bowl first, viewers with select smart TVs can purchase his underwear right through their TVs.

The sponsor of this year’s Halftime Show starring Bruno Mars, answers the novel question: Who created the first football game half time in their 30-second spot: The First Half.

Anheuser-Busch (Bud Light) — Arnold Schwarzenegger
Anheuser-Busch has reported purchased 3 minutes of ads during the 2014 Super Bowl. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 66-year-old former governor of California, appears in a blonde wig and tiny shorts in Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial. He has reportedly been paid $3 million for the spot.

An ad you’re likely to see return or expand during the 2014 Winter Olympics, this year’s M&M ad stars a peanut M&M named “yellow” who steals the show from the traditionally more popular red M&M.

A catchy tune and a situation most parents can relate to will likely score big for South Korean automaker Kia.
Kia Optima: Fish Sport – 2014 Superbowl Ad

One ad that you won’t see during the Super Bowl is the SodaStream ad starring Scarlett Johansson who calls out Coke and Pepsi. Watch it here: