3 Tips for Sticking to Your Budget

Finance, Home & Family, People
on June 27, 2011

Dave Ramsey is a money-management expert, national radio personality and best-selling author.

Write it down. A budget is not a form of medieval torture! It is your game plan, where you tell your money what you want it to do. This isn't rocket science. Just give every dollar a name on paper.

Stay away from places that tempt you to spend. If you have problems sticking to a budget, it could be that you are immature. It could be that you can't stay out of the mall! It's not smart for an alcoholic to hang out at a bar …

Try the envelope system. Take some envelopes, write the budget categories on the envelopes, and use only that money to purchase those items. If the money is not in there, don't buy it. Easy as pie!