5-Minute Morning Beauty Routine

Beauty, Home & Family
on January 6, 2012

You do not need lots of time and expensive products to enhance your beauty. In fact, sometimes less is more when it comes to your morning ablution. Try this five-minute morning beauty routine and get pretty in a hurry.

Wash. Every morning beauty routine starts with cleaning the palette. Use the most gentle, non-drying cleanser possible. Avoid products that contain drying ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate. A cleanser with few easy-to-understand ingredients is skin-saving and nourishing. Do not use acne wash every day unless you really need it. Once a week, exfoliate with a gentle natural cream that contains finely ground walnut casings or oatmeal. These natural exfoliants will help slough off the dead outer layers of skin that can dull your complexion. Once clean, pat dry gently. Don't rub the skin, as it weakens the delicate tissues and causes early aging and sagging.

Hydrate. Immediately after washing your face, apply a good moisturizer. Creams with natural emollients are best. Heavy-duty moisturizers should be saved for the body, feet and hands. Use a lightweight but effective moisturizer that is made for the skin on your face. Get a moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer and save a step.

Blush. Warm natural color is an important step in the quick beauty regimen. Makeup authority Bobbi Brown suggests simply swiping a powder or cream blush on the apples of the cheeks and very lightly around the face. The glow from blush is often enough makeup for some.

Mascara. The darkening and thickening of eyelashes is essential, particularly if your eyelashes are light or thin. One or two thin, quick coats of good mascara are all you need for luscious lashes.

Moisturizing lip color. Try a slightly rosier color than your natural color for the lips. A lip balm with pigment is a perfect time-saving solution. You do not need to line your lips with a sheer lip balm — a step saver.

Simple hair. Now that your face is glorious, and it did not take you an hour, don’t overdo the do. Your hair can be simply fixed for a very natural look that does not need to be sprayed and fussed with throughout the day. Pressed for time? Don’t wash your hair, but opt for a loose bun or ponytail. It is cute and quick and looks best with slightly dirty hair. Curly hair can be air-dried to accentuate the curl pattern. Do not overfuss with any hair type. It’s easy to stress and dry out hair, and it’s a time killer.