7 Places to Sleep in Trees

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on January 12, 2012

Next time you plan a vacation, skip the standard motel and sleep in a tree. The Best of America, a travel website dedicated to those looking for adventure, includes seven of the country's greatest tree house resorts.

Cedar Creek Treehouse. Listed among the "Top 10 Treehouse Lodgings" by The Chicago Tribune and Good Morning America, Cedar Creek Treehouse offers "off the grid" lodging 50 feet up a 200-year-old Red Western Cedar tree. Located within Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Ashford, Wash., the treehouse is a short drive from Mount Rainier National Park.

Out-n-About Tree House. Head to Cave Junction, Ore., and check out the Out-n-About Tree House. The "treesort" contains a two-story unit complete with a double bed, a bunk bed, a rocking chair, a covered deck, a swinging bridge and a bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. That's a considerable improvement over the one-room tree houses that dot back yards across America.

Tree House Paradise. In addition to its proximity to Redwood National Park, Oregon Caves National Monument and the Oregon coast, Cave Junction, Ore., boasts Tree House Paradise. Each of the three treehouses comes with its own theme such as living like the Swiss Family Robinson and a gourmet breakfast.

Tree Houses of Hana. Sure, your neighbors went to Maui last December, but did they sleep in a tree house? The Tree Houses of Hana features an ocean view overlooking a flower farm. Each tree resident has access to a full kitchen. By the way, these are real trees in a real jungle. They're not for everyone.

Lothlorien Woods Hide-a-way. Technically, these tree houses are located in Washington State. It's more fun, however, to pretend you're in Middle Earth living in a tree with elves. The top floor of Lothlorien tree houses feature spectacular views. The bottom floor provides all the amenities a Middle Earthian could ever hope for. The outside is in the middle of an amazing forest.

The Grand Tree House Resort. The West isn't the only region that boasts spectacular trees and spectacular tree house resorts. Eureka Springs, Ark., contains many, including the Grand Treehouse Resort. Amenities include a 32-inch flat screen TV, a stereo system, a Jacuzzi and views of trees — really tall trees.

Trazart Luxury Tree House. New England has its share of trees, few nicer than the Trazart Luxury Tree House near Montpelier, Vt. The surroundings feature 52 acres with a private pond and a nearby 400-acre lake.