9/11 Fifth Anniversary

Celebrity Q&A
on September 3, 2006

Q Are any movies coming out about 9/11?
—Shannon S., Hanford, Calif.

As the five-year anniversary of the fateful day approaches this month, several Hollywood projects are at various stages of completion. Flight 93 was released this spring and is now available on DVD. Director Oliver Stone's highly praised World Trade Center, starring Nicholas Cage in the true tale of brave Port Authority policemen, arrived onscreen last month. A movie based on the best-selling book 102 Minutes, about what happened inside the center during the terrifying moments between the time the first tower was hit and the second one collapsed, is scheduled for release next year, as is Empty City, about a man (Adam Sandler, branching way out from his usual comedic roles) who lost his family on 9/11 and can't stop grieving. But you won't even have to leave home to see The Path to 9/11, a six-hour mini-series dramatization of the events detailed in the 9/11 Commission Report. It airs Sept. 10-11 on ABC (check local listings for airtime).


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