9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

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on November 12, 2014
9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room
The Weathered Door

Make your holiday visitors feel welcomed and cherished by creating the most inviting guest room they’ve ever seen! These Hometalk community bloggers are offering up tutorials and inspiration for turning your guest room into a hotel-perfect space.

1. Lots of Bedding

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker Sharon of Lilikoi Joy

Give your guests all the comfort they need to ensure a cozy visit. Set the bed with a heavy blanket, a light blanket and a throw for resting. For a more crisp style, stick with white, but if you want to add some excitement to your guest room, use colorful bedding and blankets.

2. Throw Pillows Galore

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker Melody at My Passion for Decor

A mountain of throw pillows is the picture of comfort and gives your guest a cozy place to unwind and rest. If guests prefer fewer pillows, they’ll take them off themselves, but providing the option—and especially getting that hotel-quality first impression—is a great decor move.

3. Orderly Bedside Table

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker The Weathered Door

Arranging the perfect bedside table display is a cinch. For a beautiful space that’s clean and ready for guest use, simply clear the tabletop of any clutter, add a picture frame with a beautiful landscape or natural scene, and arrange a vase full of fresh flowers.

4. Ample Lighting

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker Shavonda at A Home Full of Color

In the right lighting, everyone feels comfortable and at ease. Make sure floor or bedside table lamps are close to the bed for easy access. The best thing you can do for your guests is give them all the luxury of their own home, so the more lighting options available, the better.

5. Clean and Clear Walls

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker Thrifty & Chic

As for wall decor, make sure not to over-decorate. Surrounding guests with a bunch of stuff that doesn’t belong to them might make them feel overwhelmed by the impression that they’re using someone else’s space, which is the opposite impression you want to make. Just remember that with decor, sometimes a little goes a long way.

6. Clothing Storage

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl

Help your guest feel at home by cleaning out some closet or dresser space for them to store their things. Even if this space is storage for you the rest of the time, take the time to rearrange for their visit. Your guests will appreciate not having to live out of a suitcase.

7. Available Entertainment

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence

Have reading material or other entertainment available for guests who might want some quiet time but forgot to bring along a book. This includes letting them know the wifi password and explaining how to use the remote if there’s a TV in the room.

8. Complimentary Toiletries

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker Kim at Tidbits & Twine

It’s a good idea to provide toiletries for your guests in case they forget to pack something. Place nice soaps, an extra toothbrush, shampoo (and anything else you think your guest might need) in an obvious, available space, so that your guests feel well taken care of.

9. Aromatic Scents

9 Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

Hometalker Leah at The Crafty Rabbit

For an added pleasantry, place subtly scented potpourri or air freshener in your guest room to add a soft and enjoyable aroma. Try making your own potpourri with DIY dried flowers, or purchase your favorite blend from the store. Warning: It might be difficult to get your guests out after the holidays!

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