A Man’s Manicure

Beauty, Health, Home & Family
on September 16, 2011

Hands are always in the spotlight, notes professional hand model Linda Rose, and regular manicures are a must for keeping your hands and nails looking their best. While women typically are more interested in manicures and are more likely to visit a nail salon, many men get manicures too, for various reasons. Caring for nails and hands has elements of hygiene, as there can be steps of cleaning and removal of foreign materials. There are also aspects of aesthetics, as individuals who manicure their nails may be striving for a particular look or appearance.

Refined look. For some men, a manicure is about having a particularly refined look. People tend to notice hands, and distinguished nails can be an attractive physical trait. In addition, manicured nails may suggest something about the individual's personality and attitude about life.

Polished appearance. Some men see manicured nails as a way to convey a sense of professionalism through their appearance, along with attention to skin care, hairstyle and wardrobe. A good manicure may be the final touch needed to project an image of polish and confidence. Neat, well-tended nails may suggest that the individual pays attention to detail and can be depended on to do the job well.

Personal habits. A professional salon manicure can be pampering and relaxing, but a basic manicure, including trimming, filing and applying creams to cuticles and hands, can be completed easily at home.

Professional help. There may be times when a man wants to visit a nail salon and let a professional work on his nails, although some men may feel there is a certain stigma attached to doing this. While the reality is that most men may be more likely to attend a baseball game than to get their nails done, for those who are serious about getting a quality manicure, a professional appointment may be the best way to create a truly sophisticated appearance.