About Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Celebrity Q&A
on November 30, 2012

Dr. Nancy Snyderman is often on “NBC Nightly News.” What can you tell us about her?
—John Velmont, Jacksonville, Fla.

Since 2006, Snyderman, 60, has been chief medical editor on all NBC news platforms. Born in St. Louis, Mo., and raised in Fort Wayne, Ind., the surgeon entered broadcasting in 1984 at KATV in Little Rock, Ark. “Whether you’re talking to a camera or a patient, the skill set is the same,” she says. “The job is to take complicated information and explain it in a non-condescending way. I’m there to hold somebody’s hand—it may be 11 million people or one person.” She and her husband have three children and live in Princeton, N.J., where she enjoys hiking and horseback riding.

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