About ‘People’s Court’ Judge Marilyn Milian

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on June 22, 2013
Judge Marilyn Milian

Please give me a short bio on Judge Marilyn Milian of “People’s Court.”
—Mitchell Katanich, Norridge, Ill.

The New York City native, 52, who is of Cuban descent and speaks fluent Spanish, moved at age 8 with her family to Miami, Fla. She earned her law degree at Georgetown Law School before becoming a Florida circuit court judge. Milian took on her TV gig in 2001, becoming the first Latina judge to host a nationally syndicated TV court show. She and her husband, also a circuit court judge, have three school-aged daughters. As for why viewers tune in her show, she says, “We are a fast-food nation. People love to see resolution, they want to watch someone who has done wrong confronted and see justice prevail—all in an hour.”