Accessorize Your Garden

Gardening, Home & Family
on January 29, 2012

Typical gardens focus on the plantings and how they work together, but accessories can elevate your garden style to the next level. Try these tips for bringing your garden to another level of beauty and enjoyment.

What is garden decor? Just the way you decorate your home with fabrics and interesting objects d’art, you can accessorize your garden with anything that complements the plantings and garden setting. Artistic and interesting outdoor decor is as easy as finding an interesting weather-resistant item and placing it well.

Personalize your garden. If you’re thinking garden gnomes and birdbaths, you may be surprised at some of the unexpected accessory ideas that enhance the garden in unique ways. Many stores specialize in lovely orbs that glow at night and wind chimes that add sound to the sensory garden experience, but there are also more unusual items that work well in the garden.

  • Colorful glass bottles tied to tree boughs overhanging a garden area are a fun way to create a light-catching, interesting accessory that might also catch the wind. Repurposing used wine or other glass bottles is a great way to create special outdoor spaces and be kind to the environment too.
  • Mount old or chipped teacups on a metal stake. These whimsical little cups collect water, attract birds and butterflies and look charming. Visit award-winning lifestyle and garden expert P. Allen Smith’s website for the how-to on teacup garden accessories. Why not use the same teacup idea and create a bird feeder?
  • Wall-mounted concrete and metal starburst, moon and sun shaped hangings bring the eye up and add a dimensional feel to the garden.
  • Mini LED chandeliers take the inside out. Suspend them within the garden on hooks or tree branches. The tiny fixtures provide unusual interest and ambience.

The main rule of accessorizing. Much like dressing for a special occasion, accessories can make or break a look. Decide on a theme such as Japanese, Victorian, shabby chic and go from there. If you have eclectic taste, let that be reflected in your chosen garden accessories. Always stand back and view your garden environment from a distance. If your first impression is cluttered, remove at least one item. Less can be more with garden decor. It also helps to think of garden accessorizing much like you do decorating a room — after all, the garden is really just an outdoor room. You will enjoy the space so much more if it is exciting and tied together with accessories.