Actress Camilla Luddington

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on January 21, 2013
Episode 503

The intern on “Grey’s Anatomy” nicknamed Princess looks familiar. Where else have I seen her?
—Jessica Scofield, Bethlehem, Pa.

Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo, aka “Princess,” has appeared on several other TV shows, including the Lifetime movie “William & Kate,” “True Blood,” “Californication” and now “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I have to say that ‘William & Kate’ was such an amazing experience,” says the 29-year-old native of Ascot, England, who played Kate Middleton in the movie about her romance with the prince. “It was so much fun. It was back in that whirlwind time of the excitement of the royal wedding. My only concern was afterwards I would be stereotyped in some way. My agents and I talked about it and figured out what to do next.”

That project was 180 degrees from the princess when Luddington joined the cast of “Californication” as a very sexy nanny, a role which required a lot of nudity.

“I remember thinking, ‘My cellulite is not going to look attractive in this shot. I should not have eaten the bacon I had for breakfast this morning,’” she says, adding that co-star Evan Handler made the job a lot easier with his respectful treatment of her.

“The only person who really cares is you and you get over it really fast because it is nothing to them. They have seen it all.” She adds, “I just didn’t watch those episodes when they came on and that is how I dealt with it.”

Now she is scrubbing in for her role as aspiring surgeon Jo on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and she says, despite her experience, it was daunting.

“I felt like an intern coming into Seattle Grace Hospital,” she says. “I felt like Jo. I was nervous, I was anxious, and I felt eager to please. Luckily, everyone is so nice, but it was intimidating because I was a fan of the show before I got on it. So, there are things about the show, like, I would sneak on different sets and take a look around and geek out.”