Actress Joanna Cassidy

Celebrity Q&A
on January 28, 2013
Joanna Cassidy_2012

What can you tell me about Joanna Cassidy from “Body of Proof”?
—Keith Reineke, Hartford, Conn.

The Camden, N.J.-born actress, 67, has a long career that includes the movies as

“Bullitt,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Blade Runner,” and the TV series “Six Feet Under,” “L.A. Law,” “Buffalo Bill,” “Boston Legal” and “Call Me Fritz.” In her current role on “Body of Proof,” she plays the tough-as-nails mother of Dana Delany’s character. “I couldn’t play a passive mother. That is just not in my makeup. I was a very young mother myself, and my daughter is this very independent person. We love each other, but we knock heads,” says the avid photographer, painter and sculptor.

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