Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar

Celebrity Q&A
on September 17, 2011

What has Sarah Michelle Gellar been doing since Buffy?
—Mark Blau, Biloxi, Miss.

The actress, 34, is back on TV this fall playing twin sisters in the new CW series Ringer. The former vampire slayer, who married Freddie Prinze Jr. in 2002 and gave birth to their daughter in 2009, says the timing was finally right.

“You wait for the right opportunity,” she says. “I had been looking for what that was.”

Part of the allure of Ringer, in which Gellar plays a woman on the run who assumes her twin sister’s identity, only to discover that her sister’s life is just as complicated as her own, is that the series is produced in Los Angeles, a key factor to Gellar accepting the role.

The actress, who began working at age 4, wanted to make sure she could get home each night to put her daughter to bed. Gellar, who has done movies and voiceover work since leaving Buffy, was also missing the TV family experience she had working on a series. Ringer allows her to have both.

“I missed really getting to know the people,” she says. “I realized once I had a child that I was done with the nomadic lifestyle. I loved it for a period of time, being able to go and travel and work in exotic places, but that is not the life that I want for my child.”

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