Adrian Paul's Philanthropy

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on December 16, 2001

Does actor Adrian Paul of Highlander fame have any projects in the works?
—Hannah T., Michigan

The handsome Brit was in Toronto last summer filming his new syndicated series, Tracker, as well as an episode of Relic Hunter, starring Tia Carrera. Paul, 42, finished The Breed late last year, and it aired on Starz! in August. He also completed The Void for Lions Gate early in 2001. Paul's entertainment career was jump-started after high school by a girlfriend who submitted his photo in a modeling contest. He won and embarked upon a career in the United Kingdom that ultimately led to a modeling and dance career in the United States. His first television role was in The Colbys, and he appeared in several series and features before his 1992 breakout role as Duncan MacLeod in the popular Highlander. Since the series wrapped in 1997, Paul has completed four feature films and spent considerable time and energy establishing his fan club and the P.E.A.C.E. Fund, his philanthropic organization.