‘Adventures in Paradise’

Celebrity Q&A
on March 27, 2005

What happened to the star of the 1960s television show Adventures in Paradise?
—Janet K., California

Gardner McKay, who played Adam Troy, died at his Hawaii home of prostate cancer in 2001 at age 69. Adventures in Paradise was the only role of note for McKay, who had a passion for sailing and a penchant for travel. When the series ended in 1962, McKay left acting to travel the world and escape Hollywood's pressures. In the 1970s, he wrote for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, and in 1979 won the L.A. Drama Critic's Award for best play for Sea Marks. He wrote a dozen plays and the novels Toyer, The Last American and Tromp L'Oeil. He was married to Madeleine Madigan, and helped raise her daughter Liza. Together they had a son, Tristan.


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