‘Prom’ Actress Aimee Teegarden

Celebrity Q&A
on June 15, 2011

Aimee Teegarden, who played a high school student in the TV series Friday Night Lights, is also playing one in the Walt Disney film Prom. Did she go to her own prom?
—Sheila Larkin, Orange, Calif.

She did, but Teegarden, 21, admits she wasn’t as involved in her prom as her character, Nova, was in the movie. “At the time, I felt I was a little too cool for school,” says the Downey, Californian-born actress, who was already working in front of the cameras by the time her senior prom came around. “Actually, after doing this movie, I regret not being more involved in my own prom, taking that moment in, being more involved and enjoying that moment of success. You are a couple a weeks away from the end of high school, and it actually may be the last time you see some of your friends.”

The one way that Teegarden says she does resemble Nova is “we both always give 110 percent for everything we do and we have a lot of ambition in life. We both want to go out there and do great things.”

Teegarden, who knew from a young age that she wanted to act, says that her parents made her put her aspirations on hold and participate in other activities, such as basketball, baseball, singing and Girl Scouts, before, when she was 10, they finally let her take an acting class. “My parents were always supportive of what I wanted to do, but they were trying to keep me away from the dangers of Hollywood,” she says of their reluctance to let her act at a younger age. “My parents are really awesome and really influential in the person I am today.”

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