Actor Alan Autry

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on September 16, 2007

Q Please tell me what happened to the actor who played Bubba Skinner on In The Heat of the Night. Was that his only TV show?
—Linda Forbes-Siegel, Crestview, Fla.

After the TV series In the Heat of the Night and several spin-off TV movies in the mid-1990s, Louisiana-born actor Alan Autry played Rick Bradshaw in the series Grace Under Fire. His first career was football; he was a Green Bay Packers quarterback briefly in the mid-'70s before heading to Hollywood and getting his start in the movies—under the pseudonym "Carlos Brown"—in Popeye, North Dallas Forty and Southern Comfort. Autry, now 55, made a third career change in 2000 when he was elected mayor of Fresno, Calif., where he is serving his second term.