Actor Alan Ruck

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on June 5, 2005

Where is Alan Ruck these days? The only time I ever saw him was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
—Ken G., Michigan

Alan Ruck, 48, has stayed very busy since the 1986 teen classic. In 1990, he starred in a TV series called Going Places and in the film Young Guns II. In 1994, he was in the movie Speed, followed by Star Trek: Generations and then several more TV series, including Spin City for six years. Three years ago, Cleveland-born Ruck had a near-fatal bout with blood poisoning in Los Angeles. "I went home to New York a couple of days later, and by the time I got to our place, I was delirious." His wife, Claudia, rushed him to the hospital, where his kidneys failed. It took him a year to recover fully. Currently, Ruck is the lead in Broadway's The Producers. "Three years ago I couldn't walk, and now I'm singing and dancing," says the actor, who has two children—Emma, 17, and Sam, 11.