Actor Alex Desert

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on July 22, 2001

Tell me about the young man who plays Jake on the Becker television show. Is he really blind, and what else has he been seen in?
—J. B. Meriwether, Texas

The sighted Alex Desert is the first member of his Haitian family to be born in America. Growing up, he says that M*A*S*H inspired him to be a doctor until his brother informed him they were actors. From that moment on, Desert aspired to perform. His television credits include TV 101, The Flash, and Boy Meets World. His movie credits include PCU and Playing God. In addition to acting, Desert is one of the lead singers in Hepcat, a ska/reggae band that has toured the United States and Europe. The group's latest album, Push 'n Shove, came out in mid-2000. Desert lives in Los Angeles.