All American kidergarten class

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on October 1, 2011

I think you may find this story truley inspirational! My brother is a kindergaten teacher at Ida Public Schools in the small town of Ida MIchigan. He recently started an All American made show and tell project. He's been teaching his 5 and 6 year old students the importance of  buying and supporting all American made products. This story has now snowballed into something big, bigger in fact then my brother ever anticipated! It has been herad on radio stations across the U.S and people are finding it to be amazing and prideful!  Country singer Toby Keith has added this story along with pictures to his website. Mr. Green purchased a hat from an all American made company and added it to his  class list o fU.S.A products and shortly after the company caught wind of this story and decided to send his entire kindergaten class hats of there own! I believe this is a story people  will appreicate hearing about and hoefully will bring some American pride back into our long lost country!! Enjoy! Hope to hear from you!

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