Actor Allan ‘Rocky’ Lane

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on August 14, 2005

Could you please tell me what year Allan "Rocky" Lane died? How old was he when he died and was he married?
—Carol M., Illinois

Allan "Rocky" Lane died in 1973 at age 64 of bone cancer. The handsome Western star had been married twice, but both unions, to Gladys Leslie and actress Sheila Ryan, ended in divorce. A native of Mishawaka, Ind. (pop. 46,557), Lane left Notre Dame University to pursue acting. His big break came when he was cast in the serial The Tiger Woman in 1944. His serial role as Sgt. Dave King, a Canadian mountie, became popular, and in the mid-1940s he joined the TV show Red Ryder. In the 1960s, Lane provided the voice of the popular talking horse, Mr. Ed.