Amanda Peet’s Family Life

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on May 16, 2012

Does actress Amanda Peet have children?
–Mark Phillips, Lexington, Ky.

Peet, 40, who plays a single mom on the new NBC series Bent, in real life is the mother of two daughters with husband/screenwriter/producer David Benioff. The girls, 5 and 2, were the reason that the New York City-born actress set her sights on a half-hour comedy series instead of an hour drama.

"[Executive Producer] Tad Quill and I had many conversations before I signed my deal and he promised to take care of me, especially since my husband was away doing Game of Thrones," the former Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip star says. "Tad has two daughters and was incredibly understanding. I was able to take Frankie to school, and, every now and then, I would zoom off and pick her up at school and zoom back."

Peet says she didn't want to turn down the role because "I feel about Tad the way I feel about Aaron Sorkin [who wrote Studio 60]. There are very few writers who can write interesting roles for women–women my age in particular–and roles that don't feel like the lovely mom who sees everybody off."