‘American Idol’ Judge Steven Tyler

Celebrity Q&A
on March 17, 2012

Now that Steven Tyler is an American Idol judge, is he still going to record with Aerosmith?

Jamie Millan, Las Cruses, N.M.
When Tyler, 64, signed on to judge the talent competition, he caught some flak from his longtime musical mates, who knew the TV tapings would require some adjustments to the group’s schedule. But the end result has been to introduce a whole new generation to Aerosmith’s music, creating a large jump in the group’s music sales. “We just need a new album, which we are working on right now, to use this whole thing and make it be a well-oiled machine,” Tyler says. “One hand washes the other. I can’t let down the rock ‘n’ roll community for Idol. So it’s all been good.”
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