Why Did Amy Adams Choose ‘Superman’ Role?

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on July 23, 2013
Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Did Amy Adams want to play Lois Lane because she was a “Superman” fan?
—Natascha Kapinos, Honolulu, Hawaii

Adams, 38, was definitely a fan of the Man of Steel and had been since she was a little girl when she was enamored of the Christopher Reeve/Margot Kidder version of “Superman.” She admits to knowing all the words to “Can You Read My Mind,” which was the love song from that movie.

“I grew up watching ‘Superman’ and loving the characters,” she says. “I think I’ve let it be known that I’ve auditioned several times. This was my third try.”

Adams’ character of reporter Lois Lane has been “re-imagined” for “Man of Steel,” so while she is still a sassy, intrepid reporter trying to exist in a man’s world, she isn’t dimwitted in any way.

“What I loved was she was somebody who was going to be a part of the solution, not just part of the problem,” the Vicenza, Italy-born actress says. “She has more of an inner track on Clark and [is] on the inside as opposed to being on the outside. I really liked that and thought that was a very unique idea.”

While Adams has yet to confirm whether or not she would reprise the role of Lois if there were to be a “Man of Steel” sequel, she does hope that people are excited about the vision in the new movie—and has an idea of what direction Lois would go.

“I think [Superman] takes her by surprise,” she says. “I think it’s very interesting that it takes this person from another world to actually make her more human. His humanity actually brings about a change in her; it gives her a stronger sense of humanity. I would think as the story continues, she becomes a stronger and more well-rounded human being because of that. I think she’s pretty focused when we find her, and pretty dead set on what she believes to be the most important thing, which is telling the truth. She believes there’s no reason for secrets, you know? And I think she really comes to respect humanity, and identify with humanity by her experiences with Clark.”