About Andy Williams

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on May 8, 2005

What is singer Andy Williams doing now?
—Helen B., Nebraska

The crooner is in the middle of six-week series of performances with Petula Clark, singer of the 1965 hit Downtown, at his Moon River Theatre in Branson, Mo. (pop. 6,050). They'll perform six times a week through May 29, and then will return for a similar run Sept. 9–Oct. 26. Williams, 77, known for hits such as Days of Wine and Roses, Charade and Moon River, will then unveil his popular Christmas show, which he'll perform twice daily for six weeks. "A couple of years ago, I would do three shows a day some weeks, and then I thought, ‘Why am I doing that? Just to make money? I have all the money I want, so why am I doing three?'" This is Williams' 14th year in Branson, where he lives with his wife, Debbie. "I built a theater here in 1992 and I love working in it," says Williams, a father of three. "It has everything you want—the right sound, lights and dressing room. I couldn't ask for more. I have a house on the lake and I play golf a lot. We have three dogs and plenty of room to let them run and play. I love my wife; life is good." The Wall Lake, Iowa (pop. 841), native and his wife spend the winters at their home in Palm Springs, Calif. (pop. 42,807), where he plays golf every day.