Actress Aneta Corsaut

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on July 28, 2002

My wife and I are big fans of The Andy Griffith Show. We wonder what happened to Aneta Corsaut, who played Helen Crump the schoolteacher. The reruns are as funny as when the show first ran.
—Ed E., Pennsylvania

Sadly, Aneta Corsaut died of cancer in 1995 at age 62. Before she joined The Andy Griffith Show, Corsaut starred opposite Steve McQueen in the horror classic The Blob. She went on to make guest appearances on numerous television shows. In fact, she was supposed to make only one episode on The Andy Griffith Show, but there was such good chemistry between her and Andy Griffith that she stayed—until their characters finally married after six years of courtship. After the wedding, Andy and Helen left the show. Corsaut returned to series television in the late 1970s, playing a nurse on the short-lived television series House Calls. The Hutchinson, Kan., native later appeared on the soap opera Days of Our Lives in 1984. Corsaut joined all her former co-stars for the reunion television film, Return to Mayberry, in 1986.