Actress Anne Jillian

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on April 23, 2006

Whatever happened to the cute, petite blond actress Ann Jillian, who played on so many TV movies? I haven't seen her in anything recently.
—Wilma Chasteen, Auburn, Ky.

Now 56, the award-winning singer-actress is semi-retired and raising her son, Andrew, 13, in California. She's been a motivational speaker since 1985, when she lost both of her breasts to cancer just as her acting career was heating up. Fully recovered today, she performs with symphonies around the country and leads the singing at her church's mass. "I will never stop alerting women about early detection of breast cancer—this has become my life's work," she says. "I maintain my campaign to one day see breast cancer totally defeated." Jillian is married to her manager, Andy Murcia.