Anthony Edwards Seeks Change after ‘ER’

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on March 6, 2013

I am happy to see Anthony Edwards back on TV, but why something like “Zero Hour”? It is so different from “ER.”
—Harry Saville, Louisvlle, Ky.

Change is the key word. After spending eight years on “ER” in the role of Dr. Mark Greene, Edwards, 50, said he would never again do a one-hour television show. He left Los Angeles and moved to a New York, where, he says, “it really took a while to recover from that.”

So a return to TV had to be something that was exciting to him, which “Zero Hour” was with its compelling mystery that dates back to the Nazis and beyond. Also, it is only 13 episodes a season, as opposed to the usual 22 to 24 episodes, so less time is involved.

“What happens, naturally, is after I do a film, like ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ or ‘Gotcha!,’ then a film like ‘Miracle Mile,’ which is about the end of the world, becomes attractive—whatever the opposite is,” the Santa Barbara, Calif.-born actor/director says. “I think with ‘ER’ being so reality based, and so heavy and serious, I knew whatever I wanted to do next, it would be nice if it really felt different in tone. ‘Zero Hour’ definitely does that.”

Edwards also appreciated the fact that his character is just an ordinary man on a quest to rescue his wife—and if he solves the mystery along the way, so be it. “He is very active, but he is not a punch-’em-up, shoot-it-out hero,” he says. “Hopefully, you will root for him because you feel that he is accessible.”

One of the coolest things for Edwards—and another reason that the show is so much fun—is that a cast was made of his face for the pilot episode, so at the end, when he finds the Nazi bunker at the North Pole, he sees a frozen version of himself in a Nazi uniform.

“It is one thing to see a picture of yourself, but…when you become three-dimensional, that’s a little weird.”