Singer-Fireman Anthony Michael James

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on December 5, 2004

Fireman’s Music Career Heating Up

For years, fireman Anthony Michael James, 36, had two dreams: to help people and sing country music. He served with the fire department in Bethlehem, Pa., for nine years while pursuing a music career on the side. Perhaps he didn’t expect his music career to become so successful that he would be forced to choose between his two loves. His music caught the ears of several music executives, which led to a record deal with V-Tone/Compendia Records. In August, he moved to Nashville, Tenn. “I think the time is right to concentrate on my music,” says James, the father of a 4-year-old son. “As a professional firefighter, I’ve seen many things that I wish I could forget, but now those memories are a part of me and will forever affect who I am.” His current video, Sweet Sarah, is being aired on the Great American Country (GAC) network. For more information on his new CD, Old Friends, visit his website,