‘Any Day Now’

Celebrity Q&A
on April 7, 2002

What on earth happened to the two adorable girls on the show Any Day Now on Lifetime. Why were they replaced? They were the main reason I watched. I am glad Colliar is still there, but those two little girls were so precious.
—Lee H., Florida

The roles of young Rene and young M.E., previously played by Shari Dyon Perry and Mae Middleton, respectively, were recast to be teenagers, so they needed older actresses. Dan Byrd still plays young Colliar because he's growing and is several inches taller than Olivia Hack, who now plays M.E. Hack, 18, is probably best known for playing Cindy Brady in the Brady Bunch movies. Maya Goodwin, who plays young Rene, made her film debut in Brokedown Palace. Her television credits include Sister, Sister and NYPD Blue. Perry's next project is a movie titled The Painting, which hasn't been scheduled for release. The show was Middleton's first big break. Perry and Middleton each won a Young Artist Award for their roles on Any Day Now. Incidentally, the show's series finale aired March 18.

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