Actor-writer Arleen Sorkin

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on March 31, 2002

What has happened to Arleen Sorkin, who used to play Calliope on Days of Our Lives and co-hosted television's America's Funniest People? I miss seeing her.
—Lou Ann J., North Dakota

Since leaving the role of Calliope (a part which garnered her two Emmy nominations and four Soap Opera Digest awards), Sorkin has concentrated on writing. She also continues to provide the voice of Harley Quinn on the animated series Batman and the Internet's Gotham Girls. Her writing credits include episodes of Golden Girls and Steven Spielberg's Tiny Toons. Sorkin, 45, also was a staff writer and story editor for the Paramount sitcom Down Home, starring Judith Ivy. She created and co-executive produced the sitcom Fired Up, which starred Leah Remini and Sharon Lawrence, with writing partner Paul Slansky. They also wrote the feature Picture Perfect, which starred Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Bacon. Now they're writing pilots for NBC and for the WB network. The Washington, D.C., native began her acting career in New York as one of the High Heeled Women, an all-female comedy troupe that won many awards and was named New York Critics Best. Sorkin lives in Los Angeles with her husband, writer/producer Christopher Lloyd (Frasier). They have two sons.