Actor Arnold Vosloo

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on March 24, 2002

I enjoyed the performance of Arnold Vosloo as the mummy in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. How old is he? Is he married? What else has he been in?
—Cherlyn L., South Dakota

After building a following in his native South Africa, Arnold Vosloo has spent the last 14 years as an American citizen, working on his film and stage career. The 39-year-old actor earned a number of major awards for his stage work in South Africa. One of Vosloo's earlier U.S. roles was on stage in Chicago, where he worked with Al Pacino and Sheryl Lee in Salome. In addition to his High Priest Imhotep role in The Mummy movies, Vosloo's American feature film credits include Progeny, Rough Draft, Zeus and Roxanne, Darkman II and Darkman III. He also has made numerous television appearances, including Charmed, Nash Bridges, and American Gothic. Vosloo is married to Sylvia Ahi.