‘Arthur’ DVD review

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on August 14, 2011

Blu-ray ($35.99)

Stepping into this remake in the title role made famous by Dudley Moore back in 1981, Russell Brand plays a spoiled, filthy-rich playboy threatened with getting kicked off the money train unless he ties the knot to the successful society gal of his mum’s choosing (Jennifer Garner). Will he walk the matrimonial line, or defy his mother—and her millions—by falling for the sweet struggling writer (Greta Gerwig) who captures his heart? Helen Mirren, as Arthur’s no-nonsense nanny, brings a sense of emotional heft to the silliness when things take a turn for the serious. Bonus features include additional scenes, gags and goofs, and outtakes too out-there for the movie’s PG-13 theatrical rating.

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